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Apprentice Mentor Program

HIA Mentor Program | Apprentices

What’s the Mentor Program all about?

Sometimes it’s hard balancing your apprentice work life with studying and making sure you’re getting the most out of your apprenticeship and shaping your career.

The HIA Mentor Program is made just for apprentices to have someone who you can chat to about work, school, life or anything at all that might be on your mind.

It’s totally confidential and best of all it’s FREE to all apprentices working in the building industry.

What does a mentor do?

Mentors are people who work at HIA but are not employed by your boss and don’t work on your job site. They are a specially trained team who can help apprentices to find their way through the everyday challenges of working and studying. They are available for a chat anytime, if and when you need it.

You can talk to them about anything that you might need help with such as:

  • careers advice
  • financial worries
  • motivational guidance
  • study plans
  • wage queries
  • resolving issues.

How does it work?

Simply contact HIA and we will put you in touch with one of our mentors. They will have a chat with you and sign you up to the mentoring program. Don’t forget it’s confidential and FREE!

Call HIA on 1300 650 634 or we can contact you.

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