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Our apprentices need your help


It’s no secret we’re seeing significant impact to the building industry’s operations and the extent of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation will most likely be unknown for some time.

We’re calling on HIA members to lend a hand to keep our apprentices working - if you’ve got the work, we’ve got the right apprentice that can give you that extra set of hands on site.


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Every bit counts

Every day we can keep a trade apprentice working puts us in the strongest possible position to deal with the economic challenges we face, and to make sure our industry bounces back even stronger.

Now is the time for us to band together and lead the way for a strong economic recovery.

If you’re thinking you can’t afford to take on an apprentice in the current climate, it might not be as risky as you think. We’re experts at settling trade apprentices into new businesses and we ensure they’re working for you and your business as early as possible.

And since HIA are a Group Training Organisation (GTO), when you take on a HIA apprentice, you’re not committing to training the apprentice for the duration of the apprenticeship. Our extensive member network means if work falls away, we can relocate your apprentice with another host.

There’s government subsides available to help

New subsidies recently announced as part of the Australian Government Stimulus Package mean you can take advantage of the financial support available to host an apprentice.

While the economic landscape is changing each week, both state and federal governments have subsidies in place to provide financial support for eligible apprentices. We will apply for and pass on to you, the funding available for each eligible HIA apprentice. There are a number of factors that impact qualifying for each subsidy, so the best way to find out if you’ll receive financial support is to contact us.

We’ll support you

Our team of experienced Field Officers provides both you and your apprentice with dedicated coaching and ongoing support, to make sure they continue to perform on the worksite.

With over 30 years' experience managing apprentices, we help businesses of all sizes reduce the risk of taking on an apprentice, and simplify the process of managing them. With HIA you get:

  • The right fit for your business
  • Hiring, admin & paperwork taken care of
  • Performance management included
  • Coaching and support from dedicated field officer
  • Relocation of your apprentice if work falls away

We interview all potential apprentices and not only look for skills and interests that meet your business needs; we ensure the apprentice has enthusiasm for the building industry.

The right apprentice can be a great advantage to your business and give you the chance to train someone exactly the way you want. We have or can source residential trade apprentices within easy reach of your business.


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What happens if trade apprentices stop working?

Apprentices play a crucial role in shaping the future of the building and construction industry. Out of work apprentices has a flow on effect on the industry. If apprentices stop working, it means they won’t be able to get valuable on the job training they need to complete their apprenticeship.

Without apprentices in training, we face the real risk of increasing skills shortages holding back industry recovery. And, without expert guidance from today's professionals like you, there's no guarantee that the next generation of tradies will have the skills and qualifications to maintain a sustainable industry.

What do skills shortages mean for the industry?

There’s many forms of skills shortages and their effects, but in short, they can lead to increased costs and gaps in the quality of output – both of which are not good for our industry.

Employers (such as HIA members) look for many qualities in a worker, beyond the technical capacity to complete the required job. When there’s plenty of workers in the industry, employers develop higher expectations of the level and range of qualities that new workers should possess.

When workers become scarce, employers are forced to accept workers with lesser qualities (such as relevant experience, personal presentation and willingness to work flexible hours). Employers experience this as a shortage of suitable workers.

Keeping our apprentices in work today means a steady flow of the available labour and skills within the industry in the future, meaning we will bounce back stronger than ever.

Let’s keep the Australian building industry moving and support the next generation of tradies together.


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