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Apprentices value calculations

There are plenty of costs to consider when employing an apprentice. These include:

  • processing of wages, super payments and leave balances
  • maintaining a record of leave entitlements
  • sending regular PAYG remittances to the ATO
  • sending annual PAYG certificate of earnings to the apprentice
  • keeping time and wage records for seven (7) years

Using HIA Apprentices to manage your apprentice

One of the most common objections to using a GTO is that it's too expensive. However, some recent research has revealed it can be more expensive to do it yourself.

There is one aspect that is a constant whether you use a GTO or not and that's the unavoidable costs as mentioned above. Wages and on-costs must be paid to the apprentices and the amount is exactly the same for both HIA Apprentices and the business that hires direct. The difference is the margin charged to deliver the services versus the total cost of DIY apprentice management.

Costs associated with hosting an apprentice through HIA is 100% tax deductable.

Breakdown of rates

HIA Apprentices offer a cost effective solution to getting the labour you need.

We understand that you need to maximise your businesses output while managing costs. We're happy to show the comparison between direct indenture and our rates, so you can see that HIA Apprentices is value for money and that there are no hidden charges or on costs. Below is a breakdown of our charge out rate. What do you get for the 6% HIA Apprentices charges? You get simplicity and ease; which reduces the complexity of having an apprentice.

The additional cost of using HIA is not profit margin, but what we charge to provide the following services.

We take care of:

  • recruitment
  • administration
  • wages, leave balances and superannuation
  • TAFE
  • WH&S
  • training and mentoring
  • workers compensation
  • IR compliance
  • pastoral care


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