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Do you want a simple solution to hiring apprentices?

For over 30 years HIA Apprentices has provided skilled and dedicated trade apprentices that are reliable and ready to work in your business.

Experienced HIA staff interview all potential apprentices and not only look for skills and interests that meet your business needs; they ensure the apprentice has enthusiasm for the building industry.

The apprentice is employed by HIA Apprentices so we take care of all of the administration and you and the apprentice are provide ongoing support from a dedicated Apprentice Field Officer.

  • We take care of the paperwork (pay, tax, leave accruals and superannuation) saving you time.
  • We manage the apprentice’s training, development and performance management.
  • We provide the apprentice with their work register, hazard identification booklets and their PPE.
  • You will not be invoiced when an apprentice is on annual leave, sick leave, rostered days off, trade school or workers compensation.
  • We will provide you with WHS support.
  • We carefully match the skills and interests of your business with an apprentice and will work with you to help settle the apprentice into your business.

For more information about HIA Apprentices see, Find the right fit for your business 

Do you want to hire an apprentice direct?

Why take a chance on selection or waste time going to another agency when you can rely on an organisation that understands the needs of its members and the building industry? We take care of all the necessary administration such as interviewing and assessing all prospective candidates. You are then presented with a selection of suitable applicants.

HIA Apprentices will take care of it all.

Our apprenticeship team can:

  • complete a full induction of your apprentice’s ‘sign up’ process.
  • provide the apprentice with the basic kit of safety equipment.
  • provide a starter tool kit.
  • provide a safety induction.
  • ensure the apprentice has a current WHS card.

And, HIA is so certain you will get the right apprentice for your business, that it includes a 90 day replacement guarantee. Now that’s confidence!


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What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the process of providing additional support to a less experienced worker to enhance their skills development and professional growth. Of course it’s possible to transfer skills and expertise to an apprentice without these additional support systems. However, mentoring is sound business practice because it maximises the rate of skills development and minimises the chance of non-completion. Research has shown that a lack of support is a key reason for apprentices failing to complete their qualification.