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Apprentice resources and support

Whether you are a parent trying to guide your child’s next step in their career, a career adviser or school teacher or even if you are a student looking for more information this section can provide what you need.

Confidence and support from HIA

Why have a career in the building industry

Support for parents provides strategies on how to best help your child make the transition into working life and what an apprenticeship has to offer.

Apprentice health and wellbeing offers apprentices advice on how to look after themselves and how to adapt to the challenges of working and studying.

Competency based completion details how an apprentice is assessed to ensure that they have all the skills needed by the end of their apprenticeship to be a skilled tradesperson.

Words you need to know is a glossary of common terms used to describe an apprenticeship and related information.

Online timesheets for Apprentices provides training material for HIA Apprentice employee users.

Online timesheets for Hosts provides training material for HIA Apprentice Host users.

If you are a young person looking for more information on what to do next, check out the below links:

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