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What are Group Training Organisations?

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) employ Australian apprentices and trainees, and then place them with 'host employers', usually from small to medium sized enterprises. This arrangement frees the host employer from the burden of paperwork and payroll, as well as providing a safety net for the host employer, and apprentices

HIA Apprentices

HIA Apprentices operates as a GTO as it employs apprentices then hires them out to host employers with the HIA Apprentices remaining the legal employer. HIA Apprentices is responsible for:

  • wages
  • conditions
  • training
  • employment of the trainee or apprentice
  • signs the Training Contract.

HIA Apprentices is a nationally Registered Group Training Organisation (GTO) specialising in the building industry. HIA Apprentices is about more than just managing an apprenticeship. We actively work with our hosts and apprentices to unlock their full potential.

What is the difference between an apprenticeship with a Group Training Organisation (GTO) compared to other employers?

A Group Training Organisation (HIA Apprentices) is a one stop shop for unbiased information, advice and assistance in finding the right apprenticeship for you. It is their job to understand what type of apprenticeship or traineeship you are looking for and to match you with a host business that can offer what you want. With a GTO you have access to a wide variety of host businesses instead of applying for a single position. You also have the opportunity to gain extra skills and experience by changing your host business during your apprenticeship or traineeship.

Supporting HIA Apprentices

HIA Apprentices want to ensure that apprentices have the best start to their career and undertake a comprehensive induction before starting in the workplace.

Pastoral care and support, including ongoing coaching and mentoring from a dedicated Apprentice Field Officer is given to all apprentices. Our Apprentice Field Officers while not being councillors are highly skilled at identifying and providing practical support for social issues that can negatively affect apprentices and their family if not properly addressed. Legal problems, alcoholism, drug abuse and relationship issues can cause serious problems if left unchecked.

Every apprentice is visited quarterly by an Apprentice Field Officer to conduct and deliver a performance review and performance coaching. This is more than a report card but an opportunity to set goals, provide assistance and coach to ensure that every apprentice has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Help in the future

Once our apprentices become trade qualified, HIA continues to assist these new trades’ people through their career journey as members of the association.