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What apprenticeships do HIA offer?

HIA Apprentices offer apprenticeships in:

  • bricklayer
  • cabinetmaker
  • carpenter
  • painter and decorator
  • solid plasterers and wall and ceiling fixers
  • roof tiler and tiler.

Please note: We’re not limited to these trades. If you’re interested in another trade in the building and construction industry and there is a national qualification, we can offer you an apprenticeship for that trade. Unfortunately the HIA Apprentices scheme is not available in the Northern Territory and Tasmania.


As a bricklayer, you will work outdoors with a large variety of building bricks and stones and work from builders’ plans and specifications. You may need to operate brick cutting machinery and erect scaffolding, depending on the work. Download brochure


As a cabinetmaker, you usually work from a factory, depending on the type of cabinet making involved and some onsite fitting may be required. Download brochure


As a carpenter, you will construct, install, finish and repair wooden and metal structures and fixtures used on the inside and outside of buildings, both for residential and commercial constructions. Download brochure

Painter and decorator

As a painter and decorator, you will work both indoors and outdoors, painting and decorating new and old houses. You may be required to apply paint, varnish, wall paper and other decorative finishes to interior and exterior surfaces, both domestically and commercially. Download brochure

Solid plasterers and wall and ceiling fixers

As a solid plasterer, you can apply decorative coverings to the interior or exterior of buildings or as a wall and ceiling fixer, apply plaster sheets and fix plasterboard internally. Download brochure

Roof tiler

As a roof tiler, you may tile new roofs, repair existing roofs or remove old roofs and replace them on homes and buildings. Download brochure


As a tiler, you might lay ceramic, marble, porcelain, glass and other types of tiles on external and internal walls and floors to provide decorative and protective finishes to new homes, buildings and swimming pools. You can also carry out renovation work to existing buildings. You may be required to examine plans, measure and mark surfaces to be covered, and lay out work. Download brochure