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What happens once I complete my apprenticeship?

When you’ve successfully completed your apprenticeship there are a number of pathways you can take on your way to a rewarding career.

You may like to stay working for the host HIA Apprentices has placed you with and if they agree you can become their employee. Or you might like to become a trade contractor and start your own business.

Some people choose to go on to further education to complete courses from Certificate IV to bachelor level. With further study you can become a:

  • Builder
  • Site Supervisor
  • Contract Administrator
  • Estimator
  • Quantity Surveyor

There’s a bigger variety of challenging and rewarding career paths in the building industry than in most other industries.

Whichever path you choose HIA Apprentices will support you and even provide you with complimentary membership to HIA for one year to ensure that you continue to receive help, information and advice.

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