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Why choose the building industry

There are plenty of benefits to being a part of the building industry including:

Your career, your way

There are many pathways to enter the building industry as a rewarding career including:

  • apprenticeships
  • traineeships
  • courses
  • TAFE qualifications
  • university degrees.

Benefits of an apprenticeship and traineeship

You can earn money as you learn hands-on skills; complete competency based work at your own skill level and be rewarded with a nationally recognised qualification.

It’s for everyone

The building industry doesn’t discriminate and offers opportunities for both females and males, from all backgrounds.

A diverse range of trade choices

The building and construction industry requires a diverse range of skilled professionals to make it tick. There’s plenty of room for you to specialise in your trade of choice.

Focus on safety

Safety is the highest priority for all members of the building industry – supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of all people. There are many compulsory safety laws and Acts that ensure that best practices are implemented in order to minimise risk and ensure everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.

Career prospects are rock solid

There’s an increased demand for qualified professionals, and a shortage of people to meet that demand. Compared to other careers, the cost to get a trade qualification is low while the job prospects are high. Once you’re qualified there are opportunities to gain more responsibility (and higher pay) as a manager, contractor or business owner.

Continuous development

As Australia’s population grows, new infrastructure, houses and commercial property continue to be built. This industry is ever changing through new challenges, exciting innovations and continuous learning, development and opportunity. The building industry is one of the oldest, established industries – it’s not going anywhere and the possibilities of you could learn are endless.

I built that

Working in the building industry is rewarding – at the end of the day you can look back over what you’ve done and know “I made that”. You can challenge yourself to be a true craftsperson while working on some incredible sites. You could have the satisfaction of being involved in shaping your city and Australia’s future.

A world of opportunity

The career you build and develop is transportable around the world – not many industries can say that. The building industry offers endless opportunities for career growth, both in Australia and overseas. The ever changing industry allows you to explore a variety of career paths so you’re not just restricted to one profession for life and the skills you learn are valuable wherever you go.

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