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Residential Building Permit and Approvals

You must get a building approval before any building work can start. No two houses are the same. That means every job needs to be designed properly to ensure you can get a building approval.

HIA’s Planning and Building team is made up of planning and building professionals with a range of experience in planning, building and engineering.

We can help you:

  • Understand the requirements for getting planning and development approvals for new homes, renovations, dual occupancy and townhouse developments, subdivisions and more
  • Get help with questions about building approvals and inspections, local government licenses and charges
  • Advise on the approvals needed before building or renovating a home.

Ask the experts

HIA members can contact the Building & Planning Services team in your nearest HIA office or by calling 1300 650 620 or emailing

Information on building approvals

HIA offers information sheets about the building approval processes to help you ensure your next project is designed correctly. More