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GreenSmart Professional course

Welcome to the revised GreenSmart Professional course

The HIA GreenSmart Professional course has recently undergone major revision. The revised course now has a greater focus on materials & life cycle assessment, embodied energy, major & alternative construction methods, passive design and water efficiency and water sensitive urban design and is enhanced with a number of activities and group discussion.

The course was revised with the assistance of Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, supported by Dr. Josh Byrne and Dr. Andrew Law, Curtin University. The revised course incorporates contemporary case studies from different Australian climate zones. The case studies are aimed at encouraging discussion of the broad range of elements that contribute to the construction of a green residential building.

The revised course continues to use as supporting material the publication Your Home, Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes (Australian Government – Department of the Environment and Energy).

The first of the revised courses will be delivered in early October this year. This revision is a milestone in terms of the HIA GreenSmart Professional course. Whether you have done the GreenSmart Professional course previously and choose to take part in the revised course as a GreenSmart refresher or you are taking the course for the first time we are confident that everyone who has an interest in building green will gain a lot of insight and knowledge from taking part in the revised course.