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New CSIRO Portal providing Energy Efficiency Performance Information

CSIRO has developed a fantastic new tool that provides and collate data on Australian homes, finding that they are becoming larger and more energy-efficient.

Through the Australian Housing Data (AHD) Portal, CSIRO has centralised a vast amount of energy efficiency data that will assist future information, training and awareness.

The AHD Portal will be an important tool in tracking and supporting the progress of the national plan agreed by COAG Energy Ministers that sets a trajectory towards zero energy (and carbon) homes in Australia.

Key findings drawn from the data (based on apartments and houses) includes:

  • 195,000 new homes were built in Australia over 2018-19
  • Overall, Australian homes are increasing in size, with an average floor area of 132 square metres (this includes houses and apartments)
  • Average dwellings were most likely to have a metal roof, brick veneer walls, and a concrete floor
  • The average newly-constructed home had an energy rating of 6.2 stars. This is an improvement since the introduction of star ratings in 2001, when the average home was estimated at 1.8.

Data is sourced from the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

The portal contains data across states and climate zones and can be further broken down by design i.e. dwelling class and floor area, construction i.e. type of walls and roofing and fixtures and appliances i.e. solar PV and heating/cooling systems.

CSIRO intends to update dashboards in the portal monthly to ensure it remains a relevant and accessible tool for industry.

You can access the Australian Housing Data portal at