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Trajectory for Improving the Performance of Existing Buildings

July 24, 2019

The Commonwealth Department of Environment is currently undertaking a program of work that will prepare a report for the COAG Energy Council in December of this year on recommendations for Improving the Performance of Existing Buildings. The trajectory for existing buildings will look at what policy levers could be used to improve the performance of existing buildings, which would in turn reduce bills, reduce household emissions and improve thermal comfort of occupants.

HIA has long argued that the real costs saving and emissions reductions would be achieved by focus on improving the energy efficiency performance of the 8-10 million existing homes that were built before energy efficiency was introduced in the BCA rather than continuously raising stringency standards on new buildings which are already energy efficient.

Some of the items likely to be considered as part of this work will include mandatory/voluntary disclosure scheme, financial incentives for upgrades, and effectiveness of current state based schemes and applicable standards that could be developed where upgrades are made to buildings or as part of renovations and extensions.

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