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Beaumont Concepts and Ecoliv - Vic

Ecoliv prefabricated modular buildings have been purpose designed by Beaumont Concepts to provide a compact yet functional sustainable housing solution. The creative design utilises ‘lived in’ space and adopts a sustainable approach to permanent or holiday living in any location.

With a modern, minimalist aesthetic, the house reflects an environmental consciousness, whiles its clean lines and strong forms represent simplicity and architectural clarity. The Ecoliv concept uses standard prefabricated modules to create a configuration that suits lifestyle and site constraints. All modules are fully transportable so Ecoliv Buildings can factory built and delivered or simply built to order on site.

Ecoliv Buildings achieve a minimum 7 star thermal performance rating though the integration of sustainable features as standard building inclusions. The cost savings of an Ecoliv Building are evident during construction and over the life cycle of the home.  Lightweight, low maintenance materials and efficient construction methods ensure short term savings and use of environmentally friendly utilities result in decreased energy bills in the long term.  Incorporating environmentally friendly design components has immediate and long lasting lifestyle and health benefits and can even boost the value of properties.  A recent Australian study found that, on average a one star improvement in energy ratings translates to a 3% rise in market value.

Ecoliv Buildings are delivered complete as ordered, ready to either connect to existing services or be a totally self-sufficient home.


Wonthaggi office & Ecoliv display
53 Graham Street
PO box 825
Wonthaggi Victoria 3995
t. 03 5672 5196
f. 03 5672 1924
Cowes office
Level 2, 75 Chapel Street
Cowes Victoria 3922
t/f. 03 5952 6868