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Crace - ACT

The new ACT suburb of Crace is being developed in joint venture between the Territory’s Land Development Agency and Crace Developments Pty Ltd.  The latter is a consortium with CIC Australia as lead partner and project manager.  The other consortium partners are Defence Housing Australia, Community Housing Canberra and Tatebrook Pty Limited. Crace is ‘different by design’. A panel of architects and builders has produced unique designs for the suburban precinct and a Crace Pattern Book has been developed to set a design standard.

The vision for Crace has been to attract residents who would not normally consider a new suburb. The suburb’s catch cry ‘Crace changes everything’ reinforces its many points of difference.  It offers a range of living options from terrace homes in the urban ‘heart’ to spacious family homes in the surrounding suburban precinct. From the outset, the vision of Crace's design tea was comprised of strong but simple ideas: attractive, tree-lined streets capes; continuity of style amongst the array of contemporary home designs; a strong emphasis on streets and parks with view corridors to prominent natural features; and landscaping to complement the surrounding environment. After five years of construction and hard work, the original vision of Crace is now well on the way to being fully realised — as can be seen in the images provided!

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