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CSR House - NSW

Our commitment to improving our knowledge of high performance building systems and sustainability is demonstrated in the CSR House. The house has been recently built by the CSR Innovation team to provide a tangible experience of how CSR products and systems can be used to provide high levels of cost effective energy efficiency and comfort in homes.

CSR House achieves an 8 Star rating. Houses with an 8 Star rating typically require around 75% less heating and cooling energy than the average Australian home*.

The CSR House itself represents an average sized Australian new home of around 250 square metres, including three to four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a double garage and open plan living and study area.

Throughout the project, CSR has gained knowledge of the construction process and researched opportunities to improve the design and specification process and how products and systems can come together more innovatively and efficiently.

In collaboration with leading building research institutions CSR House has been established as an ongoing facility for investigation of the innovative building products and their contribution to achieving higher levels of building performance at affordable costs.

CSR House is the embodiment of “Knowledge you can build on”.

You can follow the CSR House journey at

*NatHERS Starbands climate zone 2B. Average Australian home based on CSR research CSR House Highly