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Eco-Essence Homes

The cosy yet surprisingly spacious four bedroom home has been designed for the eco-conscious family. All elements of the home have been carefully chosen with long term sustainability and the health of the occupants in mind.

The house insulates itself naturally with large north facing timber French doors in combination with the polished concrete floor allowing the home to take maximum advantage of winter sun during the cooler months.

In the summer months the combination of high level louvres and double hung windows will capture the cooling seaside breezes meaning no need for air conditioning.

Internally low VOC cabinetry and a mix of stone and recycled timber bench tops are complemented by the zero VOC non-toxic paint. LED lights are used throughout the house further reducing the homes energy use which can be checked via the energy monitoring system installed in the home. 

For further information on the home contact

Jeremy Magee
0417 845 957