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GreenSmart Leaders

HIA GreenSmart Leaders are national companies who support the HIA GreenSmart Code of Practice. These companies work across Australia to deliver sustainable products, housing and communities that incorporate the best of HIA GreenSmart.
  • Austral Bricks

    Austral Bricks

    Austral Bricks has been a HIA National Greensmart Leader since 2006 and is continually committed to a better environment through sustainable housing design.

    As a member company of Think Brick Australia, Austral Bricks is playing a driving role in the institute’s research program to ensure housing consumers have the right information when making home design decisions that will affect the future of their families and their plant.

    Austral Bricks is placed at the forefront of research and development on the environmental aspects of clay and concrete building products.

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  • Bristile Roofing

    Bristile Roofing

    Putting a stylish, durable and sustainable roof over Aussie heads for over 75 years, Bristile Roofing is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and installers of concrete and terracotta roof tiles. A member of the Brickworks group which includes Austral Bricks, Austral Masonry, Austral Precast and Auswest Timbers, Bristile Roofing is proud to have been a national Greensmart Leader since 2006.

    Committed to the environment, Bristile Roofing uses local materials, energy efficient manufacturing techniques, and offers long lasting products that have proven their environmental credentials on sustainable residential projects such as Jade Projects 9 star Western Australia, and the 8 star from Ausbuild in Queensland.

    Always striving for new heights in design innovation, durability, and environmentally sustainable business practice, Bristile Roofing offers quality products and services that customers can rely on come rain, hail or shine.
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  • CSR


    CSR produces a range of energy efficient building products and systems, which have the potential to reduce heating and cooling costs of homes and buildings, saving tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. CSR is proud to be a HIA GreenSmart Industry Leader.

    Bradford™ Insulation – Bradford™ insulation combined with ventilation and glazing in a highly efficient building envelope helps you control the heat transfer for a more comfortable home. Bradford™ insulation provides solutions for Thermal, Moisture & Sound control. Bradford™ – For Smarter Environments.

    Edmonds™ Ventilation Systems – Edmonds™ ventilation helps create a healthier home naturally by working with the insulation, glazing and building envelope to ensure year round air quality and comfort. Edmonds™ – Technologies for a Sustainable Future.

    Hebel™ aerated concrete – Hebel™ is committed to delivering a quality range of AAC products for the building market that have significantly reduced environmental loads to products delivering a similar functional purpose.

    Viridian  – Viridian™ provides innovative products that improve the energy efficiency, occupant comfort, natural light and functionality of Australian homes. The Viridian™ range of residential glass includes acoustic, security, cyclone, self-cleaning and interior glazing. Viridian™ delivers Australia’s most trusted names in energy efficient glazing including ComfortPlus™, ThermoTech™ and now SmartGlass™. Viridian™.

    PGH™ Bricks – When it comes to energy efficiency and the environment, PGH™ bricks offer a lifetime of benefits with style. Walls using PGH™ bricks can be great looking, cost effective and durable. Ask PGH™ about getting the right mix of thermal mass, insulation and ventilation in your home to achieve year round comfort. PGH™ – Think Create Live.

    Monier™ concrete and Wunderlich™ terracotta rooftiles – Monier™ roof tiles offer design flexibility, contemporary patterns and a wide colour range. Monier™ roof tiles have low whole of life environmental impact when compared to other roofing materials. Monier™ tiles are easily replaced, reusable and recyclable. Monier™ also offers the SolarTile integrated PV system to fit seamlessly into the Monier™ range of flat profiled roof tiles. Monier™ – Living in Style.

    Gyprock™ Systems – Gyprock™ provides environmentally responsible, lightweight internal wall and ceiling solutions for GreenSmart accredited homes. Gyprock™ has included recycled raw materials since 1990. Gyprock™ – Everything else is just Plasterboard.

    Cemintel™ Systems – Cemintel provides a full range of lightweight fibre cement solutions for attractive, fast and efficient building solutions. Cemintel™ systems provide lightweight alternatives and lower embodied energy than traditional building materials. When coupled with efficient insulation, ventilation and glazing options Cemintel™ offers practical solutions for Australia’s climate.

    Wunderlich™ terracotta roof tiles - profiles and colours suit both traditional and contemporary residences. The Wunderlich™ 50 year guarantee on colour longevity ensures the rich colour of your beautiful Wunderlich™ roof will endure. Wunderlich™ terracotta tiles use abundant natural materials in production emitting negligible pollutants relative to other roofing materials. Wunderlich™ – The lasting Beauty of Terracotta.

    More information: or call or call 1800633 826.

  • Origin


    Origin is proud to be Australia's number one green energy provider and is committed to developing and promoting initiatives that improve environmental management and sustainability in the housing sector.

    Origin offers a range of innovative solutions which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions like Government accredited GreenPower, Green Gas, Green LPG, solar energy systems, solar hot water and carbon offsets for energy use and travel.

    Origin’s GreenPower products were rated as Australia's best in the market for the fourth time by Green Electricity Watch (a body comprising Australia's leading environmental groups).

    You can be a part of the groundbreaking way Origin approaches energy by taking up GreenPower and/or Green Gas. GreenPower and Green Gas charges start from as little as $1 a week extra in addition to your Origin electricity and/or gas charges.

    More information: or call 134 73 36.

  • stratco


    Stratco is one of Australasia’s largest producers and marketers of quality building and home improvement products.

    Our commitment to innovation and comprehensive range of roofing, fascia and gutter, flashings, framing and fencing gives you the confidence and convenience of dealing with one supplier.

    As a GreenSmart Leader, Stratco is committed to developing, adopting and promoting environmentally responsible building solutions.

    There are many ways Stratco can help maximise the energy efficiency of your homes and enable you to capitalise on new market opportunities, including:

    solar power and hot water systems
    rainwater harvesting and water conserving products, and
    insulation and shade structures.

    More information: or call 1300 165 165.