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Site Safety Services

HIA Safety has a team of qualified consultants that understand the construction industry. Our specialist team provides consultancy and innovative solutions to meet the needs of all our clients. This ensures that you have the correct systems and processes in place to best protect your staff, PCBUs, subcontractors, clients and your business.

We have been helping businesses like yours for over a decade to feel secure about their work environment by doing safety checks and providing site specific safety systems and help with their implementation.


Whatever your trade, business size or type, we will work with you to manage your health and safety on site. More


HIA will provide training, safety management systems, plans and SWMS to effectively implement safety in the workplace. More


We can risk assess your workplace and practices to find safe ways to perform tasks. More

What is a PCBU?
In QLD, ACT, NT, TAS, SA and NSW subcontractors are called PCBU. PCBU stands for Person(s) Conducting a Business or Undertaking and is a new term used under the National Harmonisation of OHS Laws.

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