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The Advantages of independent site inspections

An independent site inspection is where a HIA Safety Advisor:

  • Attends your site to observe the practices that your workers use onsite
  • Identifies safety concerns on your site
  • Offers recommendations for improvement
  • Presents you with an impartial report as to your site and workers
  • If arranged previously with the builder we can correct minor problems whilst onsite

Your business may benefit from an independent review of this kind, for example:

  • An independent inspection can save you money or even prevent fines from the government by identifying safety issues onsite
  • HIA safety advisors do not have a personal relationship with the building team onsite, ensuring you are provided with an impartial third-party inspection and report
  • Safer and more practical ways of conducting your business may be discovered

HIA Safety offers both one-off and ongoing inspections.

The weight of an industry body is behind HIA Safety and its advisors.

If you think your business would benefit from a “fresh set of eyes”please contact HIA Safety on 1300 650 620.

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