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Make sure you pay your employees superannuation on time

June 11, 2019

From 1 April 2019 the ATO has expanded compliance and enforcement powers in relation to non-compliance with superannuation obligations.

The changes have given the ATO a range of new powers aimed at cracking down on Superannuation Guarantee (SG) underpayment.

Under the new laws the ATO has the power to disclose information to an employee about a failure, or suspected failure, by an employer to comply with their SG obligations and issue a direction to an employer to pay unpaid and overdue SG, or to undertake an approved education course about the SG obligations.

For further information

This serves as a timely reminder to review you payment processes in relation to all taxation obligations, but particularly superannuation as penalties for non-payment and personal liability of directors for SG liabilities will apply once the due date for payment has been missed. Due dates for the payment of the SG are:

  • 1st Quarter (1 Jul – 30 Sept) 28 October;
  • 2nd Quarter (1 Oct – 31 Dec) 28 January;
  • 3rd Quarter (1Jan – 31 Mar) 28 April; and
  • 4th Quarter (1 Apr – 30 Jun) 28 July.

When a cut-off date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday you can make payment on next working day after the cut-off date.