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Evoenergy accreditation and authorisation

November 10, 2019

New requirements for accreditation and authorisation will be introduced in the New Year for companies wanting to work on or near the electricity network.

Evoenergy are contacting the Canberra building industry to ensure that all are aware of new requirements for accreditation and authorisation commencing in the New Year. Following is an outline of the new requirements. Should you wish additional information please contact Evoenergy or visit their website. Evoenergy has legal obligations under the Utilities (Technical Regulation) Act 2014 to ensure people are trained in it’s Electrical Safety Rules and that it maintains accurate records of every accredited company and authorised worker who works on or near the network.

Accreditation is the process of ensuring that a company, wishing to carry out work on or near Evoenergy network, has the necessary level of skills, resources and insurance to undertake the work in a safe and reliable manner.

From January 2020, companies wanting to work on or near the electricity network must be accredited with Evoenergy, and their workers must be authorised with Evoenergy before they commence work. There are three simple steps required to gain company accreditation with Evoenergy:

  1. Complete and submit the company accreditation form.
  2. Wait for Evoenergy to assess the application and notify you of the outcome.
  3. Ensure staff are authorised by Evoenergy before they start the work.

Authorisation with Evoenergy is formal approval or permission for an appropriately qualified individual to work on or near the network. Authorised persons are required to adhere to Evoenergy Electrical Safety Rules, safe work practices, installation rules and construction standards.

For more information visit Evoenergy's website, email or contact Wayne Cleland, Manager Technical Safety Solutions, 02 6293 5894.