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TCCS Industry feedback survey

July 08, 2020

TCCS are seeking to further review and rationalise the Municipal Infrastructure Technical Specifications (MITS) documents and the Trunk Road Infrastructure Technical Specifications (TRITS). The MITS documents are based on the framework of the AUS-SPEC specifications, having an urban development emphasis and the TRITS documents were developed on the relevant specifications of the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). It is anticipated by TCCS that a standalone suite of specifications can be produced, that will streamline and cover both construction of urban development projects and major trunk infrastructure projects, in the ACT, as a single document.

TCCS has commenced a comparative analysis to identify any gaps, insufficiencies, and overlaps between the two suites of documents. The outcome of this exercise was to inform where consolidation of specifications is possible, whilst ensuring a consistent benchmark, to provide ACT relevant specifications that equitably interface with each other.

An online questionnaire for relevant industry stakeholders has been designed to provide an insight to the above, which will hopefully inform a direction in the rationalisation of specifications with an ACT focus.

Access the survey: Survey Questionnaire of ACT Specifications - TRITS (2012) and MITS (2019) Specifications Review.