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Work safe in the heat

February 25, 2019

Recent heatwaves in the ACT and NSW serve as a timely reminder that such extreme weather conditions are a hazard that needs to be identified in the workplace and managed to ensure workers are not adversely impacted by such working condition. It is important to ensure your workers are your number one priority, particularly those stuck outside. You should adopt a flexible and common sense approach to working in the heat to prevent any worker suffering heat stress or illness.

Things to consider from the Construction Work Code of Practice:

  • Install shade structures and provide access to cool, clean water
  • Rotate tasks and assign extra breaks to lessen exposure to the sun as well as mental and physical fatigue
  • Provide protective clothing such as a wide brim hat, long sleeved and collared shirts as well as long pants and spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 and sunglasses.

For more information, see the SafeWork NSW website.