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Keeping on top of your employment obligations

October 30, 2019

Recently there has been a significant amount of media attention focusing on some large businesses who have underpaid employees’ wages.

This attention has created a perception of an apparent ‘underpayment crisis’, and widespread ‘wage theft’, driving the argument for immediate legislative response.

To date, HIA has provided submissions in response to several state inquiries around the country, as well as recently provided a submission to the Federal Government in response to a discussion paper about strengthening penalties for non-compliance with workplace laws.

The regulator, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has the power to inquire and investigate workplace relations breaches, and take enforcement action. The FWO has made it clear that non-compliance with workplace laws will not be tolerated.

Most recently the FWO has advised that Companies and Boards are on notice, that they will consider the full range of enforcement actions under the Fair Work Act 2009, including court enforceable undertakings, and litigation in cases of non-compliance.

Labor has also recently announced they will move to establish a national inquiry into wage theft. 

The message is clear, now is the time to review your employee’s wages and conditions to ensure you’re meeting your obligations.

Whether it is to check if your employee’s hourly rates are correct, confirming your obligations under your relevant modern award, or getting your employment contracts on track, HIA Workplace Services can provide you assistance. To speak to a HIA Workplace Adviser call 1300 650 620.