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Have you got all required permits?

July 31, 2019

Before undertaking building work on a property, have you obtained all required permits from your local Council? This doesn’t mean the planning and building permit.

Most Municipal Councils require additional permits before you can commence work. They have General Local Laws or Rules that provide the requirements that must be met when undertaking building work within their local area.  

These permits come in a variety of names and are for different uses, some common ones include:
Asset protection permits – for protection of footpaths, kerbs, roads, vehicle crossings, nature strips or street trees.
Road and footpath occupation permits – to use mobile crane/concrete pump for building work;
Road and footpath occupation permits – to protect the public installing a hoarding/gantry for building work;
Occupation of roads permits or road closure permits
Road occupation and works permits 

The local laws will also have requirements for sediment control measures, storing materials on the nature strip, temporary storm water measures, site fencing, providing toilet facilities on each building site and much more. 

Failure to comply with these local laws can result in being issued with an infringement notice. The penalties for non-compliance with the local laws can be up to $2000.00 depending on the non-compliance. 

To avoid delays in commencing your project, it is important to apply for these additional permits early as some Council may take up to 30 days to issue a permit. Generally most will endeavour to issue permit within 7-15 days.

It is important to always check the Local laws/rules with the Local Council or for any conditions on your approval for any additional permits required within any of the Councils for the area you are developing in.

When must you apply for one of these permit?

Most Councils will require you to obtain one or more of these permits anytime you are planning to build or undertake demolition works. You will not be able to commence any building works (including the delivery of any materials and equipment) until a permit is granted.

The following is a list of common building works that will need a permit:
construction of a dwelling, unit, garage, pool house or building
demolition or removal of a structure
extension to a dwelling
additions or alterations to a dwelling
construction or installation of a swimming pool or spa
fencing with continuous concrete strip footing, brick or masonry fencing
commercial or industrial development
structural or civil works

For more information refer to HIA Information sheet on Asset protection or contact HIA workplace adviser on 1300 650 620.