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New certificate for Waterproofing Performance Solution Accreditation

October 09, 2019

Victorian members will be aware that HIA had approved an innovative solution for waterproofing of bathroom floors and that this solution has a Certificate of Accreditation issued by the Victorian Building Regulation Advisory Committee (BRAC).  Members in other states may also rely on this BRAC approval to use this waterproofing solution as a performance solution with the approval of your building surveyor.

This note is to advise members that the BRAC has now re issued the Certificate of Accreditation V07/03-A1 under BRAC letterhead on 1 July 2019, with relevant references to the building regulations and national construction code being updated.

Other than these changes the performance solution remains the same. Solution applies to floors adjacent to a bath or enclosed shower with a preformed shower base within Class 1 and 10 buildings and provides an alternate approach to the waterproofing requirements in the BCA and the Australian Standard AS 3740. 

The solution does have conditions on the owner conducting regular maintenance of the wet area and wet area seals.

To use the Solution, the Certificate of Accreditation would need to be provided to the building surveyor with the building permit documentation as part of a performance solution. 

Members can obtain a copy of the new certificate of Accreditation upon request to Building Services staff for more information on 1300 650 620 or email HIA technical department.