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Do you lodge DAs or CDCs?

April 06, 2020


Application lodgement and tracking via ePlanning will become mandatory for councils in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Illawarra from 1 July 2020, with Regional councils set to use ePlanning from 1 July 2021.

Applicants will have access to a digital dashboard for DA and CDC lodgement and tracking.

Applicants can submit a DA online and councils can review the application and request and receive additional documents before making a determination. For those development applications that require State agency concurrence and referral, councils can now make the request through the digital dashboard. State agencies can review the DA and provide a response online.

Note on COVID-19

With the current spread of the COVID-19 virus, some NSW councils have temporarily closed face-to-face customer service desks. This means that applicants will need to follow different lodgement processes for councils not yet connected to ePlanning, such as email lodgement or sending a digital copy on a USB. Council websites should provide up-to-date instructions.

Please contact HIA’s Planning Team on 02 9978 3333 or with any questions.