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Do you Work near the future Sydney Metro West Corridor?

June 14, 2020

State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 (the SEPP) provides the policy for providing infrastructure including hospitals, roads, railways, emergency services, water supply and electricity delivery. The aim of the SEPP is to facilitate the effective delivery of infrastructure across the State. 

Proposed amendment to the Infrastructure SEPP

The Department of planning, Industry and Environment (the Department) is proposing an amendment to the SEPP to create a new short-term protective underground corridor (interim corridor) for the Sydney Metro west project.
The proposed amendment, outlined in the Explanation of Intended Effect, is currently on exhibition until 26 June 2020.
The proposed amendment to the SEPP will require the following:

  • consent authorities to notify Sydney Metro of certain development applications within the interim corridor
  • Sydney Metro to provide concurrence on notified development applications before they can be determined by a consent authority

The new ‘interim’ corridor is the same alignment that is included in a State Significant infrastructure application that Sydney Metro has lodged with the Department for the Sydney Metro West railway between Greater Parramatta and Sydney CBD (concept and stage 1 construction phases only).
An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Stage 1 application is also on exhibition until 26 June 2020. The EIS lists mitigation measures for potential environmental and social impacts that may occur during the construction of Stage 1.

Sydney Metro West – Concept and Stage 1 
Sydney Metro West includes:

  • Approximately 24 kilometres of twin tunnels between Westmead and the Sydney CBD
  • New metro stations at Westmead, Parramatta, Sydney Olympic Park, North Strathfield, Burwood North, Five Dock, The Bays and Sydney CBD
  • A ‘turn-up-and-go’ metro service operating between Westmead and Sydney CBD

The Sydney West Metro Concept and Stage 1 application comprises:

  • The concept for Sydney Metro West
  • Tunnel excavation including tunnel support activities between Westmead and The Bays
  • Station excavation for new stations at Westmead, Parramatta, Sydney Olympic Park, North Strathfield, Burwood North, Five Dock and The Bays
  • Shaft excavation for services facilities at Rosehill, Silverwater and between Five Dock and The Bays
  • Civil work for a stabling and maintenance facility at Clyde
  • A concrete segment facility for use during tunnelling located at Clyde
  • Excavation of a tunnel dive structure and associated tunnels at Rosehill to support a connection between the Clyde facility and the mainline metro tunnels.

This application does not seek consent for the remaining construction from The Bays Precinct to the Sydney CBD, rail systems fit-out, station fit-out, above ground building construction, and operation of the metro line.

The papers can be downloaded at here and submission are due 25 June 2020. 

If you have concerns you wish to raise or would like further information call 1300 650 620.