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How safe are your scaffolds?

March 23, 2020

SafeWork NSW can issue on-the-spot fines of $720 for individuals and $3,600 for businesses if they find workers are at serious or imminent risk of falls from heights or contractors who perform unlicensed scaffolding works including erecting, altering or dismantling a scaffold.

The continued crackdown on hazardous scaffolds in the construction industry, with “Scaff Safe 2020” will run for the next three months with inspectors to visit various construction sites across the state targeting poorly erected scaffolds as well as falls from heights.

HIA encourages all builders, principal contractors and PCBUs, to check your sites’ scaffolds, confirm your contractors are properly licensed, ensure they are built in accordance with standards and adequately tied to the structure.

Safe Work NSW have a scaffold safety checklist that can help with your compliance which you can access here.

In 2019, SafeWork NSW issued more than 1,300 notices related to scaffolds of which 131 where on-the-spot-fines. Some of the main safety risks found were missing scaffold components, non-compliant gaps between the platform and building edge/face, no vehicular protection where required and unlicensed workers altering scaffolds.

Builders should also be aware that SafeWork NSW has also introduced a mobile tool called Speak Up. Save Lives where workers and contractors can make a live report on unsafe work practices, see report

 For more information on this topic please contact your workplace advisor on 1300 650 620