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Is your business affected by water restrictions?

January 07, 2020

NSW is experiencing the most severe drought on record with extremely low amounts of water entering rivers and their storages. The past six months has seen the lowest recorded inflows in history. Due to this, most parts of NSW now have some form of water use restrictions in place.

Water restrictions are set by the relevant authority of the area. Sydney Water in responsible for the area covering Greater Sydney the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. Hunter Water extends from Wyee north to Singleton and from Cessnock to Nelson Bay. Icon Water covers the ACT and Queanbeyan. For all other areas the relevant authority is the local council.

Most areas now have water restrictions in place which make hosing pavement illegal. The same restrictions often apply to both residential water use as well as for business use such as hosing down a driveway on a building site. The specifics of the restrictions vary from area to area.

For detailed information on water restrictions where you are working click on the following links:

Most authorities have an application process for businesses needing an exemption from local water restrictions while emergencies including firefighting activities are mostly exempt. For information on exemptions from water restrictions please contact the relevant authority.

For further information call your local HIA office 1300 650 620.