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June 2018 Consumer Building Guide

August 04, 2019

It is a legal requirement that when you enter into a residential building contract with the home owner that a copy of the Consumer Building Guide is provided with the contract.

HIA contracts always include the guide at the back of the contract (and may be referred to as ‘Attachment B’) to ensure compliance with the law. 

In 2018, HIA contracts were updated to include changes to the Home Building Act requiring the costs of home building compensation cover being disclosed in the contract, and an updated consumer checklist. At the time of these changes, the consumer guide had not been updated and the June 2016 version of the Consumer Building Guide continued to be included in HIA contracts. 

Since mid-2018, HIA contracts have been gradually updated to include the June 2018 version of the Consumer Building Guide within the print contracts. Those contracts that are updated will usually have an amendment to the edition number- for example, the NSW Residential Building Contract for New Dwellings, edition 8 is now edition ‘8a’ and includes the June 2018 Consumer Building Guide. That is the only difference between edition 8 and edition 8a.

If you still have a 2018 version of a NSW residential building contract but it does not include the June 2018 Consumer Building Guide, you can still use that contract but you should obtain a copy of the current guide and provide this with the contract to your client. A copy of the Consumer Building Guide can be obtained from Fair Trading here

All HIA Contracts online include the current Consumer Building Guide.