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Only contract for works within your licence scope

June 18, 2019

Are you aware of what type of building work your licence allows you to do?

If you hold a trade contractor licence, such as a carpenter contractor licence, you cannot contract to perform any works that are outside the scope of carpentry. This means you cannot contract to build a house or undertake renovations where the works involved are more than carpentry services.  Your licence will only allow you to engage workers or contractors performing the same scope of work authorised by your licence.

Similarly there are various forms of restricted builder licence like a Kitchen, Bathroom Laundry renovation licence, or Erection of prefabricated metal-framed home additions and structures licence. You should carefully read the description of these licence class to understand what types of works can be undertaken with such licence.  

The only contractors that can engage a variety of trades are the holders of a licence in building (‘builder licence’) and other forms of ‘restricted’ builders licence like kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation licence class.  

Performing works outside your licence class is illegal and large penalties may apply. 

The Home Building Regulation prescribes the scope of work that can be undertaken under each class of contractor licence issued by NSW Fair Trading. To view what your licence allows you to do, see the Licensing and Qualifications page