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QBCCs proactive audit regime

June 01, 2020

The Technical Services Unit (TSU) of the QBCC undertakes proactive audits of building work under construction. They have predominately focused on technical standards of workmanship (National Construction Code & relevant Australian Standards).

The TSU will be changing their approach to how they audit building work under construction. There will now be two elements to their audit.

  1. A desktop audit of documentation;
  2. On-site audit of building work.

 The desktop audit will look at documentation for a particular construction site (both commercial and residential). Generally they will request the following information:

  • Contact details for the relevant site supervisor/manager of the project (including QBCC licence numbers);
  • An overall construction program or bar diagram detailing anticipated timelines;
  • A set of the approved plans lodged with the Private Certifier and any amended floor plans and details of any fire separating walls;
  • Copies of any Form 16 Inspection Certificates or inspection reports for any fire separating walls that have been assessed or passed;
  • Contact list of subcontractors and subcontractor supervisors (including QBCC licence numbers);
  • Contact list of any Consultants (if engaged) for the project;
  • Copy of any applicable site specific COVID-19 prevention procedures for QBCC Inspectors to adhere to. E.g. site entry conditions, applicable PPE requirements (note: images of currently displayed site signage will be acceptable) or advise if compliance is based upon Queensland Health guidelines.

The site inspection will assess the level of technical standards on a site, a QBCC inspector may:

  • require specific documentation for review on site
  • conduct a site walk through
  • Interview relevant people on site.

QBCC have advised that the overall purpose of the proactive audit program is to ensure confidence in the Queensland building industry.

HIA has a number of existing products to assist members with their business management. For example:

  1. HIA Tradepass is a contractor management tool. If all your subcontractors were on this system it would be simple to get a list of the relevant subcontractors from that system to provide to a statutory authority such as the QBCC
  2. HIA ‘making space on site’ guidelines adhere to legislation for COVID-19
  3. HIA site-induction application

For more information or to ask whether your business has the right processes in place you can contact a HIA workplace advisor via or call HIA on 1300 650 620.