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Changes to QBCC Act

August 03, 2020

Licensing changes

  • A person whose equivalent licence has been suspended or cancelled in another Australian jurisdiction or in New Zealand will be required to notify the QBCC. The QBCC may commence licensing action to suspend or cancel the QBCC licence due to the licence suspension interstate or in New Zealand.
  • The current ability of permanently excluded individuals to apply for, and hold, a site supervisor’s license will be removed.
  • All head contractors carrying out commercial building will require a license.
  • The QBCC will be provided the power to publish details about excluded and permanently excluded individuals who are not licensees.

Other changes

  • The prosecution of breaches for deliberate non-compliance with a contract that causes a significant financial loss will be amended. If prosecuted, you will automatically be considered to have breached the law unless you can prove otherwise.
  • A provision will be inserted into the QBCC Act to allow the QBCC to exclude an accountant who has been found to have provided false or misleading information to the QBCC from providing further financial information (including MFR reports).

The exact timing of when the above provisions will commence is not known at this stage. For more information contact a HIA workplace advisor via