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Business shut-down over Christmas: Are you ready?

December 09, 2019


Some of the main issues to consider:

  • Notify your clients – notification in advance regarding your Christmas shut down plans will ensure that there are no misconceptions as to the progression of your works;
    Contract and safety obligations - take necessary measures to secure your sites and prepare for storm season. This may include the need for installation of temporary fencing, or removal of equipment from site;
  • Check your contract - if annual shutdown was foreseeable at the time of signing the contract, the shutdown days should already be allowed for within the building period. If the shutdown period was not reasonably foreseeable you should submit a claim as soon as practicable in accordance with your contract;
  • Keep on top of your admin - it is crucial that business emails, and mail is still monitored during annual closures, to ensure nothing falls by the wayside. Payment claims, and QBCC notices can have critical time frames which may result in dire consequences if not acted upon as required. Ensure all your insurances remain up to date during your leave period;
  • Notify your employees - make sure you have provided your employees the appropriate amount of notice regarding annual shutdown. Some Awards prescribe notice periods for closures and allow for the claiming of leave in advance if an employee does not have sufficient accrued annual leave. Be sure to check your obligations in this regards; and
  • Celebrate safely - if you’re having a workplace Christmas party clearly communicate to your employees the event rules, and any relevant workplace policies. At the event ensure that you have a variety of light and non-alcoholic drinks, that there is a sufficient amount of food, and offer up safe passage home. It is also recommended that you have an allocated person in charge at the event, who is not consuming alcohol, to keep a watchful eye over proceedings.

For further information, please contact your Workplace Advisor on 1300 650 620 or email