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Licence lending

September 09, 2019

Have you been asked to supply your builder license on a job for which you have little to do with? Maybe you have been asked to put it on a contract so the owner can obtain finance.

If you are not going to be the builder on the project but you have been approached to be the builder on ‘paper’ – such as being asked to supply your licence number on the construction contract as the builder, or to take out insurances because the other person or business cannot get such insurances, then take great caution!

It is an offence to lend your licence – not only may you be subject to penalties and risk your livelihood, but by freely providing your licence to someone who does not have a licence, you are allowing potential cowboys to enter and operate in the industry who may bring it into disrepute.

From a liability perspective, if you agree to put your builder licence number on a contract or allow your licence number to be applied to a contract but do not actually perform any of the work, or supervise it, you would be seen as the builder regardless and liable if there are any issues with the work.

So if someone wants to borrow your licence, don’t do it.

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