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QBCC Annual Report

November 10, 2019

QBCC’s annual report summarised the QBCC’s activities and performance for the financial year (2018-2019). There are a number of points of interest for licensees who work in the sector and deal regularly with the QBCC.

Overview of licensing audits and demerit points issued by QBCC

For the last financial year, QBCC conducted 2,514 licence audits which resulted in QBCC finding 1.43% of contractors in Queensland were unlicensed. QBCC imposed demerit points to 155 contractors and a total of 4,430 demerit points were issued which comprised of:

  • 2,110 demerit points for contractual offences
  • 1,696 demerit points for contractors failing to rectify defective building work
  • 362 demerit points for contractors failing to pay the QBCC insurance premium
  • 40 demerit points issued for unsatisfied judgement debts.

Directions to Rectify

During the financial year QBCC issued 848 directions to rectify to contractors with some of the most common building defects including joinery, painting and roof cladding. This continues the QBCC’s high level use of resorting to DTRs.

Internal Review Process

The QBCC internal review is an important function that reviews QBCC decisions such as Directions to Rectify or licensing matters. It is free to use and quicker than reviewing decisions in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. QBCC’s independent internal review service completed 733 internal review cases which comprised of the following:

  • 440 (60%) original decisions were upheld
  • 74 (10.09%) original decisions were overturned
  • 75 (10.23%) original decisions were varied
  • 144 (19.64%) discontinued matters

On average, it took the QBCC 41 days to process an internal review case.

Industry Fairness Reforms

This year the QBCC implemented new minimum financial requirement laws known as the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (Minimum Financial Requirements) Regulation 2018. Since this legislative reform as at 30 June 2019, 742 category 4-7 licensees lodged financial reports and QBCC issued 74 show-cause notices for suspected non-compliance with minimum financial requirements. QBCC suspended 17 licenses and imposed licence conditions on 7 licensees. As a result of the new annual reporting requirements the net tangible assets of category 4-7 licensees improved by over $272 million.

Adjudication Registry Decision Statistics

During 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, 572 applications were made to the Registrar for adjudication and the total value of claims was $200,925.470.76. The total number of decisions made by registered adjudicators equated to 300 and the total claimed amount for decisions released was $156,447,122.37. The total value of adjudicated amount decisions released equalled $62,769,363.88.

You can read the full report available here: QBCC Annual Report