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Building Code 2019

June 18, 2019 Construction of External Walls

External walls including gables required to be fire resisting must commence at the footing or ground slab, except where the external wall commences above a separating wall and, extend to-:

  • the underside of a non-combustible roof covering, except that a wall may terminate not more than 200mm from the underside of a non-combustible roof covering, where the area between the external wall and underside of the roof covering is sealed with a non-combustible fascia, gutter or flashing;
  • the underside of a non-combustible eaves lining.

 A wall required must-:

  1. have an FRL of not less than 60/60/60 when tested from the outside;
  2. be of masonry - veneer construction in which the external masonry veneer is not less than 90mm thick;
  3. be of masonry construction not less than 90mm thick.

Openings such as subfloor vents, roof vents, weepholes, control joints, construction joints and penetrations for pipes, conduits and the like need not be fire resisting.

For more information call your Technical Adviser on 1300 650 620.