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SA Variation 6.2.2 Minimum Separation Between Buildings

July 09, 2019

Unless the space between external columns is not infilled, every part of an external wall of a building must be not less than 600mm from any boundary of the allotment, unless that wall is on or abutting that boundary.

Clause Allowable encroachments

An encroachment is any construction between:

  • The external wall of the building and the allotment boundary other than a boundary adjoining a road or other public space

For the purpose of (a) an encroachment relates to any external wall of:

  • A class 10a building required to comply with; or
  • A class 1 building

Encroachments allowed within 900mm of an allotment boundary or within 1.8m of another building on the same allotment are:

  • Non-combustible fascia, gutters and downpipes;
  • Light fittings, electricity or gas metres, aerials or antennas;
  • Pergolas, sun blinds or water tanks (see figure; and
  • Unroofed terraces, landings, steps and ramps, not more than 1m in height.

Encroachments allowed up to but not closer than 450mm from an allotment boundary or up to but not closer than 900mm from another building on the same allotment or associated encroachments for another building on the same allotment are:

  • Eaves with non–combustible roof cladding and non–combustible lining; and
  • Flues, chimneys, pipes, domestic fuel tanks, cooling or heating appliances or other services.

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