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Consumer Complaints - What to do and when

April 09, 2019

If the complaint is about defective work, then consumers should contact their contractor before making a complaint. It is expected that contractors will engage with the consumer regarding the allegation that has been made. This can include going on-site and investigating the alleged defective work. In many circumstances it is difficult to tell whose fault the defective work may be without a site visit. Further, any type of engagement with the client that resolves the issue is a benefit to the builder as it does not involve any outside authority.

Reputational issues are a consideration that businesses should also be aware of. Social media keyboard warriors have the potential to tarnish a business’ reputation. It is difficult to contain negative perceptions once they arise but you do have an opportunity to mitigate such perceptions if you engage with a consumer straight away.

If you disagree with a consumer complaint, it is best to outline your reasons for doing so. Should the consumer continue the matter further, it is a benefit to the contractor to be able to demonstrate they have investigated the allegations and, for detailed reasons, found that it was not their responsibility.

It is recommended that a procedure is developed to assist your business and staff deal with complaints from consumers.

To contact to your Workplace Adviser, please phone 1300 650 620.