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National Construction Code 2019

May 05, 2019

The NCC 2019 contains a significant number of changes that will affect all types of buildings.

The key changes for housing include the introduction of -:

  • condensation management provisions;
  • changes to the energy efficiency provisions;
  • enhanced building product documentation requirements;
  • revised cladding provisions;
  • new provisions for cantilevered separating walls; and a high volume of amendments to Australian Standards, just to name a few.

Members will need to familiarise themselves with these changes as quickly as possible as they are each likely to require changes in most house designs and/or materials used for applications yet to be approved.

HIA SA is about to commence "Regional Information Nights" which will provide our country members with an in-depth understanding of the new requirements. Further information to come.

You can download the new editions of the NCC from the ABCB website , or alternatively, if you would prefer a hardcopy, please contact Linda Hume in the Adelaide office.