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Release of the Planning and Design Code for Consultation

October 20, 2019

Almost 23,000 pages of the existing system has been reduced down to 3,000 pages, which has been a massive undertaking, not only in reviewing the current system but also in consulting with the community and relevant stakeholders.

The good news is that with the introduction of the e’portal, a centralised system of lodgement for Development Applications means it will not be necessary to refer to all 3,000 pages.  The claim by DPTI is that a more streamlined and user friendly process will result in only the relevant parts of the Code needing to be accessed.

The Code is in two parts, Phase 2 (Rural Areas) open for consultation until 29th November and Phase 3 (urban areas) until 28th February 2020.

HIA will be undertaking a thorough review of the Code and will be providing detailed submissions.  A preliminary overview has highlighted potential concerns regarding extra costs to residential building for additional requirements to the current Residential Code.  I welcome feedback from our members.  HIA members can be assured that training will be available as and when it becomes clearer what the final Code will contain.

We have already highlighted to the department and our political leaders that a transition period of at least 12 months between the new and old planning systems will be required to allow our builders and developers time to adapt, particularly given the extended time it often takes for projects to come to fruition. 

For further information, please contact HIA on 1300 650 620.