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Survey or detailed inspection of building works reports.

May 19, 2019

What is a survey or dilapidation report?

A survey or dilapidation inspection report is a report based on the current condition of a property at a given point in time. It records any existing damage, and the state of any particular aspects of the property that are likely to be affected by construction work, excavation or demolition.
Survey or dilapidation reports are usually undertaken on existing buildings on adjoining properties on the same property when protection works are required to be provided to the existing buildings. The report is based on a visual inspection and can include not only the buildings or structures but the garden, paving or yard area.
The report should be accompanied by photographs of all areas that will be affected by the protection works. It should also be signed by all parties that have an interest in the property being inspected (owner, adjoin owner, builder). The report will include the date, time of inspection and parties present during the inspection.

Building works inspection reports

A building works inspection report should be undertaken when one builder is taking over a project from another builder or owner builder. 

When taking over a project from an owner builder or another builder it is important to document the stage the building work that has been completed and the condition of that building work including observed defects. Photographs should be taken, evidence of any inspections undertaken recorded, and any other relevant documentation required to clearly delineate the stage the new builder is taking over the previous building work. The report should also include the building permit details (if one is required), building surveyors’ details, and the address of the property and owner details.
The report can then form part of the building contact with the client for the completion of the building work. 

It is recommended that any Builders who are in the process of completed another builder’s work do a building inspection report before commencing any building work or completing the contract.

A good reference document for information on the preparation of reports is Director’s Guideline No 1 of 2018 Protection Works prepared by CBOS and AS 4349.0 -2007 Inspection of buildings. 

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