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Pellet heaters

October 14, 2019

We have had a number of enquiries regarding the installation of pellet heater and whether they require a building permit and if the need to comply with AS 2918 Domestic solid fuel burning appliances.   

Pellet heaters are described as Category 1 - low risk building work, under the Director’s Determination – Categories of building work. Under the Building Act 2016 pellet heaters are considered building work and therefore must comply with AS2918, refer to CBOS website

In Tasmania, the National Construction Code 2019 Volume Two performance requirement P2.7.3 Heating appliances states:

A heating appliance and its associated components within a building, including an open fire-place, chimney, or the like, must be installed – 
(a)   to withstand the temperatures likely to be generated by the appliance; and
(b)   so that it does not raise the temperature of any building element to a level that would adversely affect the element’s physical or mechanical properties or function; and
(c)   so that hot products of combustion will not – 
(i)   escape through the walls of the associated components; and 
(ii)  discharge in a position that will cause fire to spread to nearby combustible materials or allow smoke to penetrate through nearby windows, ventilation inlets, or the line in the building containing the heating appliance; and 
(iii) in the case of solid-fuel burning appliances, be discharged above appropriate emission limits.”

Emission Limits Changes

On the 26 June 2019 the regulations regarding the emissions of wood heaters, under the Environment Management and Pollution Control (Smoke) Regulations was amended and requires all wood heaters as of 8 August 2019 to comply with AS/NZS 41013:2014 for flue gas emission to meet an emissions limit of not more than 1.5grams per kilogram. This includes pellet heaters. They must also be installed in accordance with the BCA Part 3.10.7 and AS/NZS 2918:2018  refer to EPA website.

Form 54

The Building Regulations 2016 require that an installation compliance certificate is to be provided to the permit authority (building surveyor if applicable) on completion of the installation of the heating appliance. The Form 54 requires details of heater including has the appliance been tested to – AS 2918 – yes/no tick box, the Compliance Certificate Number, Emissions Cert No. and hearth type details. 

HIA understands that all new wood heaters including Pallet heaters will be able to satisfy all requirements of the Form 54.

It is important that when you purchase a wood heater or pallet heater or advising your client on wood heaters that you ensure that the supplier can provide the compliance certificate number and emission certificate number for the make and model of the heater being purchased. 

If the client has purchased the heater you need to check for the certificate numbers prior to installation. Otherwise it could be a costly replacement if these certificate numbers cannot be produced and you have installed the heater.

For more information contact HIA technical department on 1300 650 620.