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Region update

February 07, 2019

New HIA Executive Director for Tasmania

I am delighted to announce my appointment as Executive Director, Tasmania after acting in this role since November last year.

I hope to bring to this role twenty years of broad industry experience having held a range of senior roles with HIA in areas as diverse as workplace relations, business compliance and skills policy in Western Australian, Queensland and New South Wales. Previously I was also HIA’s Executive Director for ACT and Southern NSW.

In particular, I am excited with the prospect of leading the HIA Tasmanian team in representing and servicing our highly dedicated local members and in continuing to grow HIA’s commitment to the industry in this State.

I will be working closely with staff, HIA committees and the general membership to deliver industry events and training programs that meet industry’s needs and to highlight policy issues that require urgent reform.

I look forward to meeting all our valued HIA Tasmanian members during the course of 2019 and I wish you all the best for the year ahead.


Use HIA Trade Contracts to avoid TasBuild liability for subbies

The Portable Long Service leave legislation requires all employers operating in the construction industry to be registered with TasBuild. These employers must then register and pay a contribution at a set rate for all workers in relevant employment in the construction industry.

There has often been confusion on what constitutes a worker and whether principals (eg builders) who engage contractors wholly or principally for labour only are liable to pay contributions. While partnerships, trusts and companies are generally excluded this issue is often problematic with contractors who operate as sole traders.

HIA recently met with TasBuild and has received confirmation that where a HIA Period or Project Trade Contract is properly used between the principal and contractor this will be considered evidence of a commercial relationship. More importantly, no contribution is payable. This confirmation is a significant win for HIA and industry as it provides clarification and certainty.

HIA urges members to use the HIA Period or Project Trade Contract to avoid TasBuild liability. These contracts also provide legal protections to the parties and are accepted by other authorities as evidence of a contracting relationship. They are available through Contracts Online and at the HIA Hobart and Launceston offices.