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The Tasmania Government continues to fast track the rezoning of land for residential purposes

October 01, 2019

The Tasmania Government announced in March 2018, that new legislation would be introduced as a result of the Tasmania Housing Summit. The new legislation, known as the Housing Land Supply Order, came into effect in July 2018. The legislation essentially fast tracks the rezoning of land for residential purposes through a streamlined process, so that to enable a greater supply of affordable housing in Tasmania.

 The legislation was most recently enacted within the Launceston Planning Scheme, which was amended on 29 August 2019, to give effect to the Housing Land Supply (Newnham) Order. Prior to this amendment, the following three Orders have also been introduced under this legislation: 

  • Housing Land Supply (Rokeby) Order 2018;

  • Housing Land Supply (West Moonah) Order 2018; and

  • Housing Land Supply (Devonport) Order 2018.

 A number of other areas within Tasmania are currently under consideration, to similarly introduce a Housing Land Supply Order. HIA has strongly advocated for more strategic land to be released throughout Tasmania, including the rezoning of public land in Greater Hobart and Launceston, for private housing development. The passing of these Orders represents a positive step towards providing a steady increase of affordable residential land within Tasmania.

For further information, see the Housing Land Supply Orders page. Please do not hesitate to contact Teresa Davis – Planning Adviser, on email or 03 9280 8230 should you wish to discuss this matter further.