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Accessible Housing Consultation RIS - Have your say!

July 27, 2020

The ABCB has released the Accessible Housing Consultation RIS for public comment. The Consultation RIS includes 6 options in addition to the status quo and draft NCC provisions.

Options 1-4 are some form of regulatory intervention with Option 1 being mandatory silver level from the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines applying to all new Class 1 and Class 2 buildings and most likely regulatory option if one is supported. The other regulatory options include gold level for all Class 1 and 2 buildings, a gold with some platinum level elements and an option that would only apply the provisions to Class 2 buildings.

Options 5 and 6 in the RIS are the non-regulatory options with Option 5 being enhanced subsidies programs such as the Specialist Disability Accommodation program through the NDIS. Option 6 is an enhanced voluntary option that includes republishing the LHA Guidelines into an ABCB Handbook to increase its profile and reach, including more information at point of sale of options for including accessible housing features in dwellings for home owner’s consideration and a match making service with real estate agents.

The Consultation RIS doesn’t put forward a recommended Option, but it does include a preliminary recommendation, that based on the evidence the costs associated with including an accessible housing standard would outweigh the benefits and therefore a combination of Options 5 and 6 could be delivered at low cost and encourage additional uptake without imposing excessive costs on new dwellings.

In conjunction and to accompany the RIS, it includes a quantity surveyors report on the detailed costings used, and draft NCC provisions for the proposed regulatory Options 1 and Options 2 and an explanatory statement. The RIS also includes 20+ questions on various aspects of the analysis.

Following public consultation on the RIS, a Final RIS will be developed and then Building Ministers will decided whether they support further development of proposed changes for inclusion in the NCC 2022 public comment draft (mid 2021) and then further deliberations would be had by the ABCB Board and subsequently in late 2021/early 2022 a final decision by Ministers, if a prior decision had not put a hold on proceeding with the work.

The public comment period ends on 31 August 2020 so HIA encourages members to review the Consultation RIS and provide comments to the ABCB via the portal on their website.

Access the Consultation RIS here

If you would like to discuss this matter in more detail, please contact HIA Building Services team on 1300 650 620.