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Who can carry out building permit inspections?

November 19, 2019

A recent VCAT decision has provided information about who can carry out building permit inspections for relevant building surveyors. An employee of a registered building surveyor, who was registered as a domestic builder unlimited (DB-U), has been found guilty of practising as a building inspector when not registered as a building inspector. The employee had been carrying out mandatory building permit inspections for the relevant building surveyor.

The employee’s argument that he was a delegate of the relevant building surveyor when carrying out the building inspections was not accepted. The suggestion that a registered building surveyor could either have an employee inspect building work or contract the work to a registered building practitioner such as another surveyor or an inspector was also not accepted. Instead VCAT found that only registered building inspectors could carry out a mandatory inspection when the registered building surveyor did not carry out the work themselves.

This decision is a reminder of the importance of making sure that building practitioners are careful to ensure that they only carry out work for which they are registered. While the building practitioner was probably competent to carry out inspections, and indeed has since obtained registration as a building inspector, the lack of formal registration by the VBA meant his carrying out mandatory building inspections was a breach of the Building Act.

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