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Have you recently removed bushfire hazards within a bushfire prone area?

April 06, 2020

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have announced that a review will be undertaken of Bushfire Prone Areas (BPA’s) for metropolitan growth area councils and regional councils where recent urban development has occurred. If appropriately demonstrated that a bushfire hazard has been removed, this review provides the opportunity for a designated BPA to be removed.

Throughout this process, DELWP are considering sites where development is occurring and the bushfire hazard has been removed. The bushfire hazard must be removed for DELWP prior to DELWP conducting the site visits, which are proposed to commence in the last week of April and the two first weeks of May.

The application criteria for this process includes matters such as site description, overview of plan of subdivision, photographic evidence demonstrating where bushfire hazard has been removed and a range of other matters.

Further information on this particular review cannot be found on DELWP’s website, as they have contacted HIA directly in seeking to get this messaging to a select group of stakeholders. If you would like further information on this process, please contact the BPA team at DELWP via email.

Access further information on building in BPA’s and previous reviews of BPA’s.

Alternatively, if you wish to discuss this matter with a HIA representative, please contact Teresa Davis or call 03 9280 8230.